Monthly Archives: September 2015

Stacking sdl2 2.0

Due to a variety of issues (e.g. preparing for CppCon) I haven’t touched Hasteroids since May. During that hiatus stack came on the scene, and it is much nicer than using Cabal alone. So I converted Hasteroids to be a stack project, really all it took was issuing the stack init command in the existing […]

Binding Brain-farts at CppCon

First off, a quick reminder: I’m speaking at CppCon tomorrow afternoon1. So if you’re at the conference and are interested in transactional memory then stop by room 403 at 3:15 tomorrow. [Update: one more brain-fart to get out of the way. Originally, in the following paragraph I substituted owner<T> for not_null<T>. I’m not quite that […]

Casting About

So…this happened. Hopefully I didn’t say anything too dumb. Thanks again to Rob and Jason for having me on their show to talk about transactional memory and other stuff. One thing I mention on the podcast that I haven’t mentioned here yet: last week we got the go ahead from the higher-ups at Wyatt to open-source the transactional […]