Monthly Archives: January 2014

About Face

The iOS facebook app blows, at least on my iPhone 4 (not S). It takes forever to start up and then forever to load the news feed. Then the other day I was looking to free up some storage space on my phone and discovered that the facebook app was taking up almost 500 megs […]

Cast Adrift

It’s probably not a fair comparison given their price difference – especially since I didn’t pay anything for the Chromecast (it was an Xmas present) – but now that I’ve got both an Apple TV and a Chromecast not comparing them is impossible. Before I get to the comparison, and inevitably going into the Chromecast’s […]

Applying Oneself

So we’re hiring (there's a good chance that link will be dead by the time you’re reading this since we will have hopefully hired someone). I’ve been dusting off my interview questions since it’s been a while since I’ve done any interviewing . We’re a C++ shop and all our software is multithreaded so I’ve […]