When I’ve gone to CppCon in the past it was as someone who’d been using C++ for over a decade. The past week when I attended Open F# it was as someone who had only been using the F# language for a couple of months. That’s quite a different lens to be viewing the proceedings […]

The other day I had a need to generate a unique type for each time a given constexpr function was called (why I needed this is a long story and the answer will have to wait for the library I’m working on to be released as open source). I wanted a way to do this […]

The other day I was watching Mythbusters with one of my kids and on the show they were examining whether it was faster to have one line per cash register at a grocery store (and allow people to choose their own line) or to have one line that everybody waits in with the shopper at […]

I’m posting this even though I fear this blog becoming a stupid C++ trick of the week1 blog. The trick this week is detecting when a given type has a specialization for a given template. In this case there is no default implementation of the template, in order to use a type in the template […]

According to almost everyone on the Internet, including the CMake documentation and command line help, to generate a 64-bit configuration for Visual Studio you just append Win64 to the generator name that you pass to the -g option on the command line. The problem is that this is wrong, at least using CMake 3.4 on […]

I had forgotten how much work it is to get code working on multiple plateforms. Between Visual Studio, GCC, and two flavors of Clang (the vanilla and Apple versions have one really annoying difference that I had to work around) it’s a lot of work. So that’s my excuse for taking a month and a […]

This crossed my radar a few days ago and the whole lambda overloading thing is looking mighty useful. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was be able to create visitors for boost::variant in place instead of having to craft a whole new class somewhere else. With overload_set I can do just that. First off […]

The video of my from CppCon 2015 is now available, and after watching the first ten minutes I’m thinking that the next time I give a talk I need to practice in front of someone who can give me a shock every time I say “um”.