Monthly Archives: June 2014

Pointing the Way Redux Done

So it didn’t end up taking years as I first thought it might. Instead, just a little over six months later, I’ve finished my more excruciating detail than anyone would want to read about which reference type to use when series. I covered the seven types that I feel every C++ programmer working with C++11 […]

Pointing the Way Redux, Part 7: boost::optional

In the last installment of my more info then you ever wanted about which reference to use when series – that has also covered values, references, bare pointers, shared_ptr and unique_ptr – I covered the last of the smart pointers: weak_ptr. This time we’ll cap off the series with boost::optional. While it’s not part of […]

Mutually Excluded Composibility

The other day there was a post over at Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe about the recent upsurge in interest in functional programming among the C++ community. There was some push-back in the comments – there always seems to be when functional programming comes up, especially if STM is mentioned (as it was). There was one […]