The video of my from CppCon 2015 is now available, and after watching the first ten minutes I’m thinking that the next time I give a talk I need to practice in front of someone who can give me a shock every time I say “um”. Advertisements

Due to a variety of issues (e.g. preparing for CppCon) I haven’t touched Hasteroids since May. During that hiatus stack came on the scene, and it is much nicer than using Cabal alone. So I converted Hasteroids to be a stack project, really all it took was issuing the stack init command in the existing […]

First off, a quick reminder: I’m speaking at CppCon tomorrow afternoon1. So if you’re at the conference and are interested in transactional memory then stop by room 403 at 3:15 tomorrow. [Update: one more brain-fart to get out of the way. Originally, in the following paragraph I substituted owner<T> for not_null<T>. I’m not quite that […]

So…this happened. Hopefully I didn’t say anything too dumb. Thanks again to Rob and Jason for having me on their show to talk about transactional memory and other stuff. One thing I mention on the podcast that I haven’t mentioned here yet: last week we got the go ahead from the higher-ups at Wyatt to open-source the transactional […]

Things have been quiet1 around here as of late. They’ll continue to be that way until CppCon as I’m preparing a talk and that’s keeping me too busy to do much posting at the moment2. If you’re going to be at CppCon and want to meet up feel free to use the email link over […]

So in my committee paper about transactional memory I mentioned that we had never run into starvation (i.e. having a long transaction that can never commit due to small transactions that continually cause it to have conflicts). Well today I found the first instance where starvation was happening. It wasn’t the end of the world, […]

Long ago, when I was first learning C++, I wrote an asteroids game. It was a mess and the code has been lost, which is probably for the best, but I did learn quite a bit in going through that exercise. It also contributed to me getting an internship at a game company one summer, […]