STM on Hold

So I had meant to write a bunch more on software transactional memory in the coming months, and I still plan to, but I’m going to be putting those plans on hold for a bit. After giving a talk on our usage of STM in a real application at CppCon I’ve been asked to write a paper on our experience with STM for the transactional memory working group of the C++ standardization committee. That’s going to suck up the time that I would usually spend writings here – what little of it there is – for the foreseeable future. I’ll post the paper here when it’s done and then resume writing about STM in a less formal capacity.


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  1. […] I’ve put about as much time as I can afford into this for now, so both making the curve infinitely differentiable and figuring out the dimension of the curve will have to be left as exercises for the reader. For now I need to get back to other stuff. ↩ […]

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