CppCon Bound

Even though they turned down my talk submission, I’m still going to CppCon next week. I’ve submitted an idea for a lightning talk but won’t find out until Monday evening if it was selected or not. If selected the talk will be titled “Software Transactional Memory, For Reals”, so if you’re a particularly good heckler come on down and do your thing while I blather on about STM for 15 minutes or so (if my talk gets chosen).

If there’s anyone reading this that will be at CppCon too and would like to meet up then just hit the nifty new email button over on the right.

Update: I will be giving my lightning talk on Wednesday morning and then running an open content session on Thursday evening. Not sure how the open content session will work, hopefully people will bring interesting questions else I guess I’ll just be blathering for 45 minutes more.



  1. […] is done and I had a great time, an exhausting time, but great nonetheless. I gave my talk on STM in both lightning format and as a more relaxed open content session. In the open content session I […]

  2. […] those plans on hold for a bit. After giving a talk on our usage of STM in a real application at CppCon I’ve been asked to write a paper on our experience with STM for the transactional memory working […]

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