Stockholm Sydrome?

So yeah, “BOO HISS” about C++ on the about page. I really need to go back and qualify that some. When I wrote that years ago I had just returned to C++ from a year-and-a-half sojourn in the J2EE world and found it hard to believe that I was working in C++ again. It seemed like such an antiquated language, was I going to go my whole career never moving on to something else? This was when the language was languishing in standardization limbo, what would become c++11 was perpetually “a few years away” (damn you concepts). I was enamoured of more modern languages like python and ruby, C++ didn’t have automatic memory management let alone the features of the dynamic languages. Nor did it have the purity of Haskell, another language I was enamoured with (still am, but opportunities to get paid to use it are few and far between with far meaning “not located in Santa Barbara”).

Somewhere along the line I had started putting the tools before the job. Kind of like a carpenter taking a certain job because he’ll get to use a certain hammer, even though what he’s doing with that hammer isn’t that interesting. The reason I returned to C++ from Java was that after a year-and-a-half I had the J2EE thing figured out and was getting bored. Ninety-nine percent of my tasks boiled down to “push something in the database, pull something else out of the database”. The other one percent that seemed really interesting were the tasks that one had to fight to get assigned to since all the other engineers wanted them as well. The rest of the work that sounded interesting to me was done at the framework and database level, not the level I was working at. The job that pulled me back into the C++ fold did not suffer from a lack of interesting things to do (and still doesn’t). I don’t know if that will hold true forever, but it seems like if I do get bored and move on there’s a high probability that the job that would interest me enough to cause me to move on to will be using C++ as well. That just seems to be what the software that I’m interested in writing is written in. Plus, with the standards train running at full steam these days C++ itself has become a mighty nice language (hopefully that’s not Stockholm syndrome talking).

So I’ve made my peace with C++. Windows? That’s another story, especially MFC…


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