This Message Has Not Been Sent

This message has not been sent. WTF Outlook? I know that the message has not been sent — I’m still writing it! Your endless little interruptions are growing tiresome. Like a four-year-old who’s not getting enough attention you used to bug me about every little message that you got for me. Look at me, I’ve got a message that, no matter what, must be more important than whatever it is that you’re working on. I finally broke you of that habit but now you have to bug me with your little comments about the obvious at the top of the window so that the rest of the window shifts and distracts me from the whole reason that I have your window open in the first place. Really, it just needs to stop. Plus, half the time your messages are premature; you declare messages as being replied to before I even finish writing the reply. And while we’re talking, what have you done to piss off Windows? You seem to be the only program that Windows decides to aggressively swap, to the point that every time I try to raise your window I’m greeted with ten seconds of hard-drive grinding before I can use you. What are you doing to antagonize Windows so? Thunderbird doesn’t have this problem. Maybe the sysadmin would be willing to turn on the IMAP support in the exchange server…


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